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Dentist in Croatia Rovinj

Dentistry Tourism Istria

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croatia dental tourism

What does offer dentistry Tourism in Istria?

Dentistry Tourism in Istria offers:

-          A great vacation. Istria has beautiful cities, both by the sea and inland

-          Dentistry at low prices

Dental Implantology Croatia

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croatia implantology

Dental implants and Dental Implantology are now the best way for restoring your teeth. We can easily say that Dental Implantology is also one of the most commonly used dental services in cosmetic dentistry.

The only "problem" with Dental implants is the price. Prices for Dental implant can range from 1000€ to 3000€ for a single Dental implant. Because of this, Dental implants in Croatia are one of the best choices you can make.

Implant Teeth Croatia

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implant in croatia - low cost implanotlogy

What offers for teeth implants are in Croatia?

Teeth Implants in Croatia are also offered with:

- Cheap dental implant

- Complete dental implant with ceramic crown for only 900 Euro.

Dentistry Rovinj

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rovinj croatia low cost dentist

What does offer Dentistry in Rovinj?

Dentistry in Rovinj offers:

- Professional dental services

- Prices for dentistry that are at least 50% cheaper than the same services in your country

- Staff who speak English very well

- Dentists with many years of experience

- Modern technology

Dental Studios in Croatia

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croatia dentist

Because of its natural beauty, clean sea and beautiful beaches, Croatia is the inception of tourism visited by tourists from all over the world. Over the last ten years, the people also have begun to come to Croatia for dental work in Croatia.

Due to extremely high standards in other countries, dentists in other countries cost at least 50% more than dentists in Croatia. The quality of materials and services is the same as in other countries.

Dentistry tourism Croatia

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dental tourism croatia

Croatia is only 130 km from Trieste airport and only 30km from Pula airport and very quickly with other sectors of tourism, in Croatia is developed also dentistry tourism.

What is dentistry tourism?

Dentistry tourism is going to other countries because of the use of cheaper dental services. Dental implants and other expensive dental work in neighboring countries can cost up to 70% less.

Clinic for dental implants in Croatia

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implants clinic in Croatia

What does offer the dental implant clinic in Croatia?

Our clinic for dental implants is located in Istria (Rovinj) on of the most beautiful city by the sea in Croatia. We are a clinic for dental implants that is already working for 40 years and we have hundreds of satisfied patients from around the world.

Implant dentistry Croatia

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croatia implant cheap prices

Dental implants has revolutionized the way in which missing teeth are replaced. Dental implant has become the standard of care for replacing missing teeth, dental implant allows for a missing tooth to be restored to function.

In the past, a patient with only one missing tooth received a fixed bridge in which the teeth on both sides of the space are prepared for a false tooth crown and suspended between them. With today's technology, the patient is ideally handled by a crown supported by a dental implant, without compromise to the other teeth.